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The Pika Works Web Site was designed by Paul Hansen owner of Ecopixel.It was constructed for quickness of download and ease of use. Image files were balanced for speed and quality. The pages have been designed to be viewed by all browsers. However, Joan is the one who puts the content on the pages and creates new sections. She does not always manage to follow Paul's guidelines.

Copyrighted Materials

All of the watercolor and acrylic paintings were created by Joan MacKenzie and are copyrighted. Most photographs on the site were taken by Joan as well. Some were by Howard Hansen or Paul Hansen. All are copyrighted by Pika Works. Photos by other photographers are used with permission and are identified.

Viewers may print out one copy of any design or photo for their own amusement or for a school project. However, please do not reproduce them beyond that without permission from Joan MacKenzie at Pika Works.

Web Site Shows All Products

The Web site contains all of the Pika Works greeting card and print designs and is the best source of all Pika Works information. New designs and products are added as they become available.

Linking to Pika Works

If you would like to link to the Pika Works site, please go to Linking.

Your Suggestions Are Welcome

As you will see, the Web site is a maze of links and tunnels. Some of these may become unhitched from time to time. We will do our utmost to perform routine checks and correct any errors.

We invite you to send us information on any problems you may encounter on the site. Simply cut and paste the URL for the page where the error exists (e.g., this page is into a message and tell us the problem. We will fix it right away. If you are the dilligent sort who helps us more than once, we will reward you with a pika card or two.

We also invite your suggestions about how to make the ordering process simpler. If it is easier just to tell us what doesn't work right or what you'd like to be able to do, please do so here.

A wee whimsey by Joan MacKenzie

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