Animals of Italy

Vittorio Stambecco
Vittorio Stambecco

Ibex (stambecci in Italian) live high in the rocky mountains of northern Italy. Researchers track their whereabouts and well being. Vittorio lives near Refugio Mulaz in the Pale di San Martino of the Dolomites north of Venice. He is proud to assist the researchers by wearing his red collar.
Masqueraders of the Dolomites

Chamois (camoscio in Italian) are shy, agile animals that live up there in the mountains near the ibex. They have striking face markings. I imagined how they would look if they mixed up their colors in order to masquerade at Carnevale in Venice.
Crown Prince
Crown Prince of Isola Madre
The Mediterranean climate of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy is a perfect home for birds and flowers from all over the world. The crown prince is a golden pheasant who strides around the palace grounds on Isola Madre in his fanciful feather outfit.
Italian pigeon
Marco of Orvieto

Pigeons (picioni) coo all over the cities in Italy. They are decendents of rock doves that live on ledges. It is no wonder that Marco hangs out in a hole in the wall.

Curious Camoscio

Herds of chamois scamper across the mountain rocks and high plateaus. Occasionally they look at passing hikers.

Italian lizard Lizario of Levanto

Lizario lives in the Mediterranean coastal town of Levanto just north of the Cinque Terre.

Italian marmot

Lydia is a shy marmot who lives in a giant meadow above Bruil in Val di Rhemes. She shares the meadow with ibex, chamois and cows.
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