Mansfield Moose Spotted Browsing in the Woods

Underhill, Vermont

Initial Report of April 10, 2001

The Mansfield Moose family have been seen four days in a row. The snow is still 3-4 feet deep at 1,100 feet elevation around Mt. Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak. As a result, the moose cannot move far or fast. They plunge their long legs deep into the snow - sometimes up to their bellies.They don't seem to mind. It is just the way things are. Their legs are designed to march through knee-high snow and wade into deep water. They look healthy and contented.

Dolly Mansfield the Moose
Dolly the mother

Molly Mansfield the Moose
Molly the daughter

Max the dad doesn't want his picture taken until his antlers grow.


moose antlers

Dolly Moose up to her belly in snow
Dolly up to her belly nibbling in the trees.

Here's the whole story in pictures.

The adventure began on Saturday, April 7, 2001.

On the first day, we saw Dolly the mom and Molly her yearling daughter nibbling contentedly right in the middle of the cross country ski trail in the woods. We watched them for a long time before moving on across a snow packed clearing. At the other side in the woods we saw the big guy, Max. He was very tall even though he was up to his knees in the white stuff. After skiing for awhile, we returned to visit the girls. They were still browsing on the tree limbs. Dolly grunted, "Huhrumph." We didn't have a camera - bummer.

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