Mary Moose and Little Bit Pony one sunny day in October 2004


This is the big barn where Little Bit lives and Mary Moose hangs out. I watched the barn from across the stream in what appeared to be Mary's sleeping quarters. There were several used moose beds and paths in the field on the other side of the stream.

On hot days during the summer, Mary liked to hang out in the middle of the stream to get away from the bugs.

Seemingly out of the blue, there was Mary. She had a good drink from the trough and then headed back to find Little Bit.

Both of them thought it was time for a snack.

Mary wasn't very interested
in the human visitor.



Mary Moose affectionately gave her Pony Auntie a lick kiss.
Here's a perfect chance to see the differences between a moose and a pony!
Mary seemed very happy to be spending the sunny afternoon hanging out with Little Bit.



She tagged along as though the pony were her mom.
What a slender young moose Mary is. She is about five months old.


Mary may be thinking about a snack down at the stream. Moose have to think about food nearly all the time.



The days are getting shorter and there is
lots of eating to do before bedtime.

Emma, guardian dog of the barn, is dismayed by all the commotion about these two animal pals. So many visitors stopped by this summer. Lots of excitement. Why don't they pay attention to me?

When will Mary leave?

For some more about the Mary Moose and Little Bit story, click here.

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