Which Pikas Live Where

Common Name
Scientific Name
Area of World
Alpine or Altai Pika O. alpina China & areas of former USSR
Gray or Gansu Pika O. cansus China

Collared Pika

O. collaris

Canada, US (Alaska only)
Black-lipped or Plateau Pika O. curzoniae China, India, Nepal
Daurian Pika O. daurica China, Mongolia & adjacent areas
Red-eared or Chinese Red Pika O. erythrotis China
Forrest's Pika O. forresti China, Burma, India & Bhutan
Gaoligong Pika O. gaoligongensis China
Glover's Pika O. gloveri China
Himalayan Pika O. himalayana Mt. Everest Area, China
Northern or Siberian Pika O. hyperborea China, Japan, Mongolia, N. Korea & former USSR
Ili Pika O. iliensis China
Kozlov's Pika O. koslowi China
Ladak Pika O. ladacensis India & China
Large-eared Pika O. macrotis All over the Himalayas, Pamirs and other ranges
Muli Pika O. muliensis China
Nubra Pika O. nubrica Himalayas
Pallas's Pika O. pallasi China & former USSR
American Pika O. princeps Canada & United States
Steppe or Little Pika O. pusilla Areas of former USSR
Royle's Pika O. roylei China, India, Nepal & Pakistan
Afghan or Rufescent Pika O. rufescens Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan & areas of former USSR
Turkestan Red Pika O. rutila Areas of former USSR
Moupin Pika O. thibetani Burma, Bhutan, China & India
Thomas' Pika O. thomasi China

Smith, A.T., A.N. Formozov, R.S. Hoffmann, Zheng Changlin and M.A. Erbajeva. 1990. The pikas. pp. 14-60. In: Rabbits, hares and pikas: Status survey and conservation action plan. J.A. Chapman and J.E.C. Flux, editors. IUCN/WWF.

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