Schmercle the Wild Hoatzin

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Hercle is on left. Schmercle is on right.


No greeting.

Words on Back: Schmercle is a bird called an Hoatzin who lives in South America. It's an odd looking bird that is known to loaf in the trees with 10 - 50 of its pals or fly clumsily through the trees. It's call is said to be a harsh croaking sound. Schmercle and his pal Hercle caught my attention when they appeared on the cover of a scientific journal years ago.

About Prints: Unframed print is attached to foam board with tag on back for quick hanging. Print may be easily detached from backing and framed as you wish ($30). Schmercle and Hercle prefer to stick together so you may purchase the pair for $40. Inquire about that.

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Unframed Print - D412UF

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