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Joan's Moose


April 2001 was Joan's lucky month for moose viewing. She and Howard met Dolly and Molly while skiing in the snow that would not melt. Check out Joan's photo story, if you haven't already: MOOSE PHOTO STORY.

Joan still thinks that moose are the darndest animals to paint. Since they are so brown, even with good lighting it is hard to figure out how to make their heads look right. Their long noses and protruding antlers are a real challenge. Dolly and Molly gave her the chance to study moose faces more closely.

Molly Mansfield
Dolly Mansfield
Maurice in "Moose Greetings"
Young guy in spring
Moose in "All Ears"
"Meandering Moose" winks.

She first started thinking about moose on a camping trip to Quebec Province in Canada with Karen Moulton. She bought a wooden statue of a handsome moose she calls Maurice. He's lived in a place of honor in her home ever since then.

Joan has have lived in moose country in Underhill, Vermont for over twenty years. She sees moose tracks and scat all the time hiking in the woods beside Mount Mansfield. But she had only seen the real creature a couple of times until April 2001. Wintertime is when she's seen them. But she suspects that the moose see her all the time as they lurk behind the trees.


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