What do Pikas do?


Pikas do what we all have to do. They eat, sleep and run around like crazy some days. The Pika Works people usually visit the mountains in late summer when the pikas are busy gathering grass and flowers for their haypiles. Pikas don't hibernate during the winter so they must store plenty of food to eat in the harsh and snowy winter months. They are herbivores and eat just about any plant in their neighborhood.

Pikas often carry long stems of plants in their mouths. They may be coming along a log, running down a rocky slope or scurrying across a meadow to fill their growing haypiles.

Esmerelda on a log in Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton N P, Wyoming

Esmerelda in Cascade Canyon

Farley lives near the ghost town of Bodie, CA

Farley in Bodie

Columbine carries just as much as she can.

Columbine wanted to drag home the whole plant at once.

A good-looking pika haypile.

Some haypiles are grass and leaves.

A few flowers stuck in the crack by a happy pika.

Others are made of flower stems.

"This is my hay pile!" says the little pika.

Pika on guard at his hay pile.

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