What do Pikas do?



At times pikas are quietly munching the grass or flowers by their
rock homes.

Pika eating grass close to home.

Pete chows down.

Blossom lives at the Rock Cut on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP

Blossom gobbles

Pretty pika with the big-rooted spring beauty.

Drucilla sniffs her
succulent supper.

When they are not gathering or eating, pikas are usually sitting on top of rocks watching. Or are they thinking?


What is Paws thinking about?


I wonder what the pika thinks.
I wish that he could talk.
Is he planning a vacation
Or watching for a hawk?

High upon a pointy rock
The little pika sits.
She hopes you look at all the cards
Or else she will throw fits.


Little pika says, "Please see the cards."


To find out more about pikas, click on the design images in the Greeting Cards or in the All the Designs section. The back of each card describes what a pika is, something about the pika or other animal in the design and a pertinent fact or two.

If you want to know many scientific details about pikas, please go to Those Who Study, Protect and Enjoy Pikas and tunnel to some other pika sites from there.


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