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Geraldine, MG11

Images are stiffly laminated with magnetic strips on back for secure grip. Size is about 2" x 3" (6 x 8 cm) including sealed edge. Magnets (MG1-102) cost $3 each. If you don't see the magnet you want, please contact usand we'll add your choice to the line up.

Close-ups of all magnet images appear below.
Click on image to order individual magnet.
Lenny of Loveland Pass
Lenny MG1
Chico of Mt. Chiquita
Chico MG2
Farley of Bodie
Farley MG3
Pamela of Mt of Holy Cross
Pamela MG4
Moonlit Molly Magnet
Moonlit Molly MG5
Molly Freckle Face Magnet
Molly Freckle MG6
Dolly in Magic Forest Magnet
Dolly Magic MG7
.Dolly's Ice Cream Dream Magnet
Dolly Ice Cream MG8
Zany Zebra Magnet
Zany Zebra MG9
Backyard Bear Magnet
Backyard Bear MG10
Geraldine Giraffe Magnet
Geraldine Giraffe MG11
Tiger Eyes Magnet
Tiger Eyes MG12
Pixel's Cake Magnet
Pixel's Cake MG13
Pixel & Luna Moth Magnet
Pixel & Luna MG14
Pixel's Present Magnet
Pixel's Present MG15
Pixel's Nap Magnet
Pixel's Nap MG16


Harvey Spoonbill Magnet
Harvey Spoonbill MG17
Iris Ibis Magnet
Iris Ibis MG18
Freddy Falcon Magnet
Freddy Falcon MG19
Puffin Picnic Magnet
Puffin Picnic MG20
Dolly's Sparkled Up!
Dolly's Sparkled MG21
Spot MG22
Queenie Mantis
Queen Mantis MG23
Gert the Flirt
Gert the Flirt MG24
Polar Majesty
Polar Bear MG25
Call for Molly in Twigs Magnet
Molly Twigs MG26
Ollie the Star or Route 7
Ollie MG27
Zach & A.E.
Zach MG28
Bella MG29
Rudy MG30
Twiga's Star
Twiga MG31
Esmerelda's Paintbrush
Esmerelda MG32
Tundra Tom Magnet
Tundra Tom MG33
Hearts & Flowers Magnet
Hearts & Flowers MG34
Be Mine Magnet
Be Mine MG35
Francesca & Farley Magnet
Francesca & Farley


Wish upon a Star magnet
Wish upon a Star
Jeanne Giraffe Magnet
Jeanne MG38
Zany Zebra's Cousin Vinny Magnet
Cousin Vinny MG39
Pixel's B-day Magnet
Pixel's B-day MG40
Happy Marley Magnet
Happy Marley MG41
Rudy's Head Magnet
Rudy's Head MG42
Dolomiti Horse Magnet
Dolomiti Horse MG43
Maddalena Horse Magnet
Maddalena MG44
Sylvana Horse Magnet
Sylvana MG45
Tre Cavalle Magnet
Tre Cavalle MG46
Tumai's Cubs Magnet
Tumai's Cubs MG47
Sweet Sophie Magnet
Sweet Sophie MG48
Frankie Frog Magnet
Frankie Frog MG49
Hanaa Giraffe Magnet
Hanaa MG50
Violetta the Purple Cow Magnet
Purple Cow MG51
Sophie Magnet
Sophie MG52
Ellie Elephant Magnet
Ellie MG53
Robert Robin Magnet
Robert MG54
Marley of St. Croix Magnet
Marley of St. Croix MG55

Maggie of St. Croix Magnet
Maggie of St. Croix


Bianca the Spinone Italiiano Magnet
Bianca MG57
Bianca Head Magnet
Bianca Head MG58
Oliver the Shaggy Dog Magnet
Oliver Dog MG59
Maggie the Red River Hog Magnet
Maggie Red River Hog MG60
D'Argo the Whalebill Stork Magnet
D'Argo MG61
Curly Lion Magnet
Curly Lion MG62
Lionel Lion Magnet
Lionel MG63
Please call for Percy
Percy Pika MG64
Salty the Laughing Horse Magnet
Salty MG65
Easter Pika Magnet
Easter Pika MG66
Spring Pika Magnet
Spring Pika MG67
Kit the Cat Magnet
Kit MG68
George Magnet
George MG69
Gentoos Magnet
Gentoos MG70
Charlie Cardinal Magnet
Charlie Cardinal MG71
Wolfgang Magnet
Wolfgang MG72
Pixel in Sunshine MG73
My Pixel MG74
Lionel Lion Magnet
Cockeyed Coo MG75
Jingle Bell Jane Magnet
Jingle Bell Jane MG76
Alex in Basket MG77
Valentine Jane MG78
Ollie Springer Magnet
Ollie Springer MG79
Beans the Magnet
Beans MG80
Ribbit in Lavendar Sky Magnet
Ribbit in Lavendar MG81
Ribbit in Sunset Magnet
Ribbit in Sunset MG82
Ribbit in Aqua Sky Magnet
Ribbit in Acqua Sky MG83
Moonbeams of Ribbit and Riva Magnet
Wolfgang MG84
Gregory Grasshopper Magnet
Gregory Grasshopper MG85
Lenny is Hot Magnet
Lenny is Hot MG86
Gabe the Blue Hyacinth Macaw Magnet
Gabe MG87
Lilac Breasted Roller MG88
Perry the Brown Pelican
Perry Pelican MG89
Cynthia of Amboseli Magnet
Cynthia MG90
Babs Magnet
Babs MG91
Bofu the Eland Magnet
Bofu MG92


Trumpeting Ele Magnet
Trumpeting Ele MG93
Blanketed Ele Magnet
Blanketed Ele MG94
Jambo Magnet
Jambo MG95
Silvio Silver Pheasant Magnet
Silvio MG96
Daphne Magnet
Daphne MG97
Pietro Magnet
Pietro MG98
Quanza the Elephant Orphan Magnet
Quanza MG99

Alex MacKenzie Face Magnet
Alex MacKenzie MG101
Chickadeedee Magnet
Chickadeedee MG102



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